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Jan. 1st, 2005 @ 01:30 pm The Divided opening for Kultur Shock!
Why Hello PDXGayBoys

Your very own hometown glamo/emo/queercore band The Divided, have just been confirmed as one of the
openers for some of our favorite Seattle-ites Kultur Shock!

This is happening at Dante's on Saturday, Jan. 15th around 9 PMish. We love Dante's and we love KS. We also want you to love KS so please be there to support KS and your own hometown homorock! Kultur Shock is one of our favorite bands and we think you'll really dig thier wild sound.

Go here to check them out:

We certainly cannot do them justice with a

For more info on this show, check our website
http://www.thedivided.com in the next few days.
And while you're there download the songs we've got up
there and rock out.
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